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Thanks for hiring us as your marketing guide.

We’ve received your payment and your account is being set up. We’ll contact you within one business day to get started. Want to move things along faster? Go ahead and schedule a kick-off call at a time when it’s convenient for you.

Next Steps

You’ll receive an email with everything we’ll cover in our first meeting. For now, here a few things you that we’ll need.

1 Client Call List

A contact list of your top 3 and middle 3 clients.

We’ll call these clients during the first week. The information gathering calls will help us understand your market and clients better — and find ways to immediately improve your sales.

2 Client Email List

A spreadsheet or access to your email platform.

We’ll create a survey and send it to your clients via email to complete. The survey will help verify call data and uncover opportunities or challenges.

2 Product & Service List

A list of your currently offering with sales breakdowns.

This list will help your guide understand what you offer, how sales breakdown among your offering, and a starting point for new sales opportunities.

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Get a powerful and profitable website.


Benefit from search engine optimization.

Digital Marketing

Increase traffic and nurture relationships.


Track progress with a dashboard & reports.

What’s a member?

A member is someone you want to publish for. For example, an association can publish content to each of its member’s websites, email lists, and social pages. Read more examples.
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