Success Plans

Success Plans align your 6-month business goals with the marketing and technology needed to achieve them.

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Team finds success using marketing dashboard.
Team finds success using marketing dashboard.
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Female small business owner sitting at computer and smiling from results of using digital marketing from perk brands.
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Team of workers around a table high five each other from digital marketing success.

Whatever success looks like in your business, Success Plans help you get there.

Success Plans

focus on your needs.

Get a marketing and technology strategy for what helps you most.

deliver consistent progress.

Our team consistently works every week on your project’s tasks.

steady your budget.

You know the investment, deliverables, and monthly budget in advance.

reduce rates.

Stretch your marketing budget further with a lower rate on services.

include priority scheduling.

Your tasks get assigned and completed faster than standard tasks.

keep you informed.

Recurring meetings and reports keep you updated on goal progress.

Digital marketing designed to achieve your business goals.

Our vision is to help you leverage the web to grow your business. That means using digital marketing and technology to drive your business forward.

With decades of experience behind us, we know that the best marketing and technology results always include seven success elements — elements like a measurable goal, a clear plan, and consistent progress.

But incorporating all these elements into projects can be a challenge. That’s why we built the Velocity Marketing Framework™ to be the framework for your Success Plan.

Now you can rest easy knowing all seven success elements are working together to keep your project focused on achieving your goals.



  • Measurable Goal
  • Clear Plan
  • Defined Scope of Work
  • Smart Use of Talent, Tools, and Technology
  • Consistent Progress
  • Ongoing Communication
  • Constant Measurement

Common Questions

How is the budget for Success Plans determined?

Your Success Plan budget is based on the work required to accomplish your 6-month goal. One-sixth of the budget funds the Success Plan each month for six months. This way, you know your investment, expected results, and budget in advance.

Is there a minimum budget for Success Plans?

Yes. Success Plans require a $500 monthly minimum investment toward service hours for six consecutive months.

Why are Success Plans on six month cycles?

Six months is a perfect time frame for multiple project types and goals — smaller projects can be stacked, ongoing marketing can produce measurable progress, business goals can be met, and larger projects can reach momentum.

What if we need monthly support that’s not tied to a goal?

Task Success Plans offer flexibility in the types of tasks with certainty that support is here when you need it. A Task Success Plan defines a monthly bank of time of four or more hours reserved for your tasks. Each month for six months, one-sixth of the budget funds the completion of your various tasks during the month. With Task Success Plans, you receive task priority on services at a reduced rate.

What if we don’t use all of our monthly Success Plan hours?

Success Plans provide consistency, so allotted time is utilized each month. If you are on a Task Success Plan, unused time expires at the end of each month. To get the most from your investment, we suggest having lower-priority tasks available for us to complete toward the end of each month.

What if we have a task with higher priority?

Tasks get assigned as standard, priority, and rush. Success Plan tasks receive priority scheduling. Rush scheduling is for completing tasks within 24 hours. We deduct two hours for each hour spent on a task with rush scheduling.

What if my website gets hacked or has some other emergency?

We recognize the vital importance of your website being available and operating smoothly. Perk Brands SitePerks website care plans include coverage for emergencies like a website becoming unavailable. If your website is not using a website care plan, rush scheduling is the next best option.

How Success Plans Work


Build your goal-focused plan.

We work together to build your Success Plan by defining your marketing goals and support needs over the next six months. Then a strategy, scope of work, and budget are created.


Know what to expect, and when.

With a 6-month Success Plan in place, you know your investment, deliverables, and monthly budget in advance. Your total budget is divided evenly over six months, invoiced and due monthly before the start of each service month.


Get consistent results.

Each service month, you receive the monthly services focused on achieving your 6-month goal, along with monthly meetings and weekly reports to keep your project measured and moving in the right direction.

Explore whether a Success Plan is right for you.

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Let’s Talk Success

Book a time for us to meet via Zoom or by phone. In less than 20 minutes, you’ll know if a Success Plan is right for your business and goals.

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