Keep score with a business dashboard.

Every business leader should have easy access to the health of their business. Dashboard from Perk Brands brings all your numbers together to track real-time performance with easy-to-read marketing and business dashboards.

Do decisions feel hard?

When we don’t know what to track or have easy access to the numbers we need, decisions feel difficult. Business leaders need quick and easy access to measurements that matter. But until now, gathering and making sense of business metrics was complicated and took way too much time.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way.

It turns out, to measure business health, there are seven numbers that count. These seven metrics show you the health of your business.

But you still need a way to track these numbers. That’s where Dashboard from Perk Brands comes in. Dashboard connects to your essential apps, like accounting and CRM apps, plus web platforms like Google to eliminate the friction of tracking down passwords and signing into multiple accounts.

Then Dashboard calculates and presents all your key measurements in one place with easy-to-follow visual business dashboards on your phone, computer, and office tv, plus in scheduled reports delivered to your email.

When you get Dashboard now, we’ll also send you The 7 Business Metrics That Matter Most, a guide to demystify the vital measurements of tracking your business’s health.

Get dashboard now. You’ll have easy access to the correct information you need to make informed decisions that improve the health and profitability of your business.

70+ possible data sources

Bring together valuable metrics.

No more signing into multiple sites to get your analytics. View all the metrics that matter to your business in one place. With 70+ possible sources to connect to, it’s all there, presented visually and cohesively.

Bring metrics together in marketing dashboard
Build your own marketing dashboard.
Visual dashboard designer

Build custom dashboards.

Combine and calculate data from multiple sources. Organize metrics into a dashboard that makes sense to you. Visualize data in various visual options, complete with time intervals and historical comparisons.

Create goals and track KPI’s

Track progress toward goals.

Track KPIs for products, teams, and your business, and see where you are toward hitting goals. Get performance updates and track progress on your computer or office tv, by email, Slack, and push notifications.

Create and measure marketing goals.
Build your own marketing dashboard.
Choose DIY or Done For You

Get everything set up for you.

Start with a Plus plan and get set up and quarterly updates done for you. We’ll work with you to connect your apps, build your business dashboards, schedule reports, and make quarterly updates based on goals.

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Even more powerful than predicting your future, Dashboard offers insight to change your future.

From entrepreneurs to growing teams, every organization benefits from easy-to-access metrics that matter to their business. Perk Brands Dashboard affordably pulls together the data you need to see the health of your business and make informed decisions.

Get clarity and improve the health of your business in three steps.

1 Select a Dashboard plan.

2 Set up dashboards, or have it done for you.

3 Get powerful insight into the health of your business.

Every business leader should have real-time access to the health of their business. With Dashboard, all your numbers come together visually in marketing and business dashboards. Now you can not only see where your business stands, but you can use the information to make smarter decisions and improve the health of your business.

Marketing and Business Dashboard Plans

Choose a Dashboard plan that brings together the numbers you need to make your business more successful. Set it up on your own, or we’ll do it for you.

Dashboard Core


per month
  • Create your own dashboards, goals and reports
  • Connect up to 4 data sources
  • Online access for 1 person
Dashboard Plus


per month
  • Marketing and Business Dashboards, goals, and reports setup for you
  • Up to 8 data sources connected for you
  • Quarterly adjustments made for you
  • 24/7 online access for 2 people
Dashboard Plus SEO


per month
  • See how your website is performing in search results and against competitors
  • Marketing and Business Dashboards, goals, and reports setup for you
  • Up to 8 data sources connected for you
  • Quarterly adjustments made for you
  • 24/7 online access for 3 people

Get starting using business dashboards.

To get started, select a plan and complete the payment form.

You’ll receive an order confirmation by email. Once your account is created, generally the next business day, you’ll receive a second email on how to access your Dashboard account.

If you select a plan that includes setup, we’ll contact you to schedule a time to meet. When we meet, we’ll discuss customizing your Dashboard based on goals and KPI’s that matter to you.

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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Get a powerful and profitable website.


Benefit from search engine optimization.

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Track progress with a dashboard & reports.

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